It all started...

In 2012, entrepreneur and founder Chantal Schulte was inspired to create a unique experience for the women of Saskatchewan, COMMITTING her time and energy to develop Saskatoon’s favorite women’s trade show. After eight years of trade show experience across Western Canada as a vendor, she saw an OPPORTUNITY for growth and development. After ‘taking the leap’, and focusing on communication with the vendors to create a FRESH and VIBRANT atmosphere;  that was INTIMATE and EXCITING attendees and exhibitors alike.

The MWSE vision also branched out to CELEBRATE an array of contemporary Saskatoon boutiques through an impressive fashion show while showcasing local musicians and talent. With the success of the 2014 trade show we have now expanded to include celebrity guest appearances, more vendors, and The Runway Show of Spring! The Modern Woman Show & Exhibition is and will continue to be a supportive, invigorating and inspiring space for female entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan to showcase their goods and services.